Square Flesh and Bone Ring by Carl Noonan Australian Contemporary Jewellery Designer


Flesh and Bone harnesses laser-cut titanium scaffolds covered with silver and gold, filed back to reveal the skeleton beneath. 

“In Flesh and Bone, I rebel against my perfectionist tendency to create designed objects that are identical to one another and instead embrace the quirks that appear in nature and the handmade.

The collection is inspired by my desire to learn from the design practice of the Great Creator. As humans, we are all the same genus. However, the outworking of our genetics leads to beautiful abnormalities that mean no human being is the same as another.

 The 3D-drawn titanium matrixes represent the precise, rational design that sets each species apart from others – the elements that make a tree a tree and a human a human. After building the identical laser-cut titanium frames by hand, I melt wax over the pieces, which is then cast in silver and gold. This process means no two pieces will ever be the same. I deliberate over the wax coatings, taking the time to celebrate the individuality of each piece. The organic nature of each object symbolises the blemishes, decay and idiosyncrasies that make us unique.”