Symbiosis (Polyhedron pendants)

Watch a short film about how these pendents click together to make sculptures here.

This work represents symbiotic relationships in the natural world. The silver pendants double as 3D puzzle pieces, connecting to create five sculptures, symbolising how beauty is created through complex relationships. While each piece is beautiful in itself, the intention of its shape is unclear. When looking at one piece in isolation, it is difficult to imagine how they interconnect to form a whole object. Similarly, in natural systems, meaning is revealed when the pieces come together. In this way, the pendants were designed with the intention of the whole in mind.

I have used a regular polyhedron (a three dimensional shape with identical surfaces) to represent the elementary building blocks of nature. I want the viewer to be reminded of how individual elements, such as plants, bees, bio-matter, animals etc, are designed to support each other to form complex, co-dependent systems. For example, a tree will send signals out through its root system to fungi, allowing them to trade essential minerals and nutrients. In experiencing wonder at the cleverness of nature, we must also consider how disruption of these intricate systems will inevitably result in the falling apart of the whole.